How to Join Srijan Midlands Community (SMC) - FB Group

Click to Zoom: Srijan Midlands Inside
Srijan Midlands Inside
Srijan Midlands Community (SMC) forum provides various useful information about the society and the daily needs in Srijan Midlands (SM). Using this forum you can discuss with the whole society very easily right from your mobile and desktop.

To get access in the SMC forum*, please share (or email to the followings -

  1. Your block and flat number in SM
  2. Flat owner's name
  3. Your relationship with the owner
This inquiry we do to validate an authentic owner / tenant prior to accept the membership.

You can also follow the following ways to share the above mentioned details to join the forum:

1. Like the Page and write on it or message (Note - this is a public page!).
Click to Zoom: Join Request in SMC Facebook Group
Join Request in SMC Facebook Group

2. Be Friend on Facebook and write on its wall or message (Note - this is a semi-public profile! Both SM Facilitators and Owners can be found here).

3. Request to join the Admin Team will contact you (Note - this is a private Group / forum! Only SM Owners and Tenants are allowed here). Please check your 'Others' messages in Facebook regularly until your access is granted if you follow this approach.

*N.B. It requires a Facebook account, you need to create and activate one if you don't have it yet, its simple and free.

Warm Regards
SMC Admin Team

A forum by the owners for the owners!
Nothing official about it! Completely free of cost!